Steven Douglas Booth • February 25, 2021

Steven Douglas Booth, Doug to all of his friends, was born August 15, 1955 and passed away on February 25, 2021. Doug was born in Knoxville, Tennessee to Steve and Wanda Booth. He would soon be joined by Kenny, Vanessa, and Rusty, and in 1966 with the promise of a job at NADEP, Steve and Wanda moved their family to Pensacola. They settled in Crescent Lake, where they would live until 1985.
Early on, Doug showed an interest in all things mechanical which led to a lifelong love of the “tinkering and rebuilding”. He cut grass, did yard work and other odd jobs in general always to earn some cash to help out his family. He became one of the youngest managers at McDonalds in 1974 at the age of 19. He always worked hard at whatever he did.
He rode motorcycles and raced cars and had a general love of life. He always used to say “Don’t sweat the small stuff –and just about all of it is.” Truer words were never spoken.
He had a great group of friends he rode with; Trent, Noreen, and Robbie Robinson, Skip Cunningham, Randall Baker, Bob Riker – the list goes on. Doug and his wife, Debbie, participated in many motocross events helping to put on many Big Dawg Fun Runs. From working a checkpoint to feeding everyone afterwards, a great day in the country was had by all. Several of those friendships lasted until his death.
He enlisted in the Navy in 1976, so he could see the world. Almost all of his duty was on board a ship, so he was able to visit every continent, except for Australia and Antarctica. He felt it was an honor to serve his country and was honorably discharged in 1980.
In 1983, the love of his life was born, Megan Stephanie Booth, his only child with ex-wife, Norma Hammock. In 1985, he found himself a single parent with sole custody of his child, so Megan was raised by Steve and Wanda. They raised her so Doug could work to give her anything her heart desired.
In 1990, Doug and Debbie met at a Super Bowl party and sparks did not fly! Doug was persistent though and 2 years later, Deb relented, and the rest as they say his history. They were married March 4, 1996 and have resided in Myrtle Grove ever since.
In 2004, Megan’s son Zachariah Isaiah Griffin was born. Doug got to see Zac play football, ride go karts, and go on family outings to the beach. He loved being a Grandpaw.
Doug was preceded in death by his brother, Rusty Booth; brother-in-law, Roger Zachary; and his parents, Steve and Wanda.
Doug is survived by his wife, Debra Neff Booth; his daughter, Megan and her son, Zach; his brother, Kenny and his wife Debbie ,and their daughter Alexa Taggart and her husband, Jon; his sister, Vanessa Zachary, her daughter, Andrea Parnell, her husband, Bill and their daughter, Abby, and Vanessa’s son, Eli Zachary and his son, Jaiden.
A memorial service is being planned for a later date to honor a good man and a life well-lived. His ashes will be interred at Barrancas National Cemetery.
In closing, I’d like to think he’s suiting up for his forever ride.
I love you, Dr. Wool. Happy Trails.

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