Robert E. “Bob” Touchton • August 13, 2019

Robert E. Touchton passed away on August 13, 2019 at the age of 82. Robert was born on October 16, 1936 in Fort Myers, Florida.
Robert, or Bob or Bobby as most called him, had worked for General Electric for 20 years, along with many other projects, he worked on NASA projects including the Apollo moon missions and the Department of Defense. He was also a USAF veteran. Bob was an avid fisherman, loved Florida Gator football, had a strong fondness of cats, loved the Lord Jesus deeply and missed his wife Barbara tremendously since her passing.
He is preceded in death by his parents Ansaul Dewey Touchton and Ida Marguerite Keaton, his siblings; Terry Touchton, Judith Touchton, Carl “Butch” Touchton and his eldest son David Touchton.
Robert is survived by siblings Alfred Donald Touchton and Patrick Henry Touchton, and his children, Timothy Touchton and Jonathan Touchton, along with his 9 grandchildren and many great-grandchildren.
A visitation will be held on August 20, 2019 at 1:00 PM at Pensacola Memorial Gardens with an Interment service to follow.

  1. Tim Touchton says:

    Pops, I hope I brought you some joy during the last hours of your life with telling you so many funny stories from our lives. You smiled a lot as you held a constant look at me. I asked you if you were smiling, because it looked like you were, and you replied “yeah”. I told you to think about those funny stories I told you, to always remember them and you said “yeah”, then laid your head back to rest. I am Blessed that the Lord gave me that final moment, for closure, until I see you again in our Fathers house.

    Lovingly your #2 son,

  2. Ricky Bobo says:

    What a great man, and family. He will surely be missed. He taught me two lessons in my younger days. #1, careful who you out fish, you might go swimming, and not because you wanted to. #2, when he put on boxing gloves, he wasn’t going to take it easy on you. Lol. I will never forget those days. I wish I could be there for you Tim. RIP Mr, and Mrs Touchton.

  3. Glenda Touchton says:

    Bob was my Brother in-law, He could tell the best stories, about growing up , fishing and life! He loved his wife and family dearly! I remember the talk we had about his faith in God , He loved God with all his heart, and I know he is in Heaven now ! He will be greatly missed! I can’t be there but all the family are in my thoughts and Prayers!

  4. Jon Touchton says:

    Eulogies and funerals are for the living. The dead do not know what is done once they have passed to the other side. I fully expect that dad, as well as mom, is constantly beholding the Limitless One, the First and Last, the Perfect Being, Jesus Christ. Despite his many faults (the same will be said of me, no doubt) dad was a Christian, so I know where he is. And what happens here on earth is unknown to him (and mom), for if he were aware of it then that would not be heaven.

    I will not here mention many parts of the reality of his life, but instead, as is the custom, I will speak of the good ones.

    I know in looking back that my life was blessed and I had a pretty good childhood and was spared from much that went on (in the house and outside of it, such as the Vietnam War). My memories are good ones of good houses, lots of toys and ‘stuff,’ TV shows, books, years of playing with dogs, having abundant Christmases, access to lots of books, esp fiction that helped fire my own writing avocation. Much of that was because of dad and his breadwinning. He taught me to fish and play baseball, and to drive a car (but not without lots of sarcasm, which is funny…now), and he served as a scoutmaster. Bibles were in plain-sight and played a good part in my own salvation. He introduced me to Tolkien and CS Lewis and Star Wars, he supported my desire to be a pilot and a spy and he got me into working out, which became a lifelong habit.

    Photos of me when I was little and young show a happy kid, so I guess that I had it pretty good. Although of course imperfect mom and dad gave me a pretty good childhood; I seemed to have been protected from a number of bad things (naturally, I thank God also and primarily for that).

    As we go on with our own lives we strive to be better than those that came before us, and I hope that I have measured up and done even better than dad (and mom), and if so then they also have a hand in that possible victory, by setting a standard to reach and hopefully surpass.

    I still think and sometimes quote to my son or my students some of the adages that dad shared with me as I grew up: If you are making a life-decision of some kind and you find the ‘wind’ figuratively blowing hard in your face you might want to consider turning around and changing course, because God might be telling you something; and If you cannot at all live with the worst-case possible result of a pending decision then don’t make it.

    Dad has impressed me and Tim with his ability over the years to design and construct various types of structures such as stand-alone garages, work-shops, porches and decks, and gazebos.

    Dad was a decent artist himself as well as a decent writer. He made hundreds of picture frames for mom’s paintings, thus showing his ardent support for her craft and career.

    I could continue…but I won’t. That is enough for now. I fully believe that anything that ever existed that is or was ‘good’ will be saved and preserved in its own way by God when he remakes all things. For now, to dad, none of that matters…for he is beholding Him.

  5. Darla says:

    I miss you Papaw. You knew what you meant to me.. You were the best. I will always grieve for you. I miss our talks.

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