Keitz Haburay • August 30, 2020

Keitz Haburay, 85 of Pensacola, Florida passed away on August 30, 2020.
He earned his doctorate in Marine Biology and was a professor at Pensacola Junior College. Keitz enjoyed watching college football, especially the Florida State Seminoles. He enjoyed antiquing, working in the yard, and spending time with Betty. He was a deacon at East Brent Baptist Church for many years and loved his Pastor and his church.
A Graveside Service will be held at Pensacola Memorial Gardens on Friday, September 4, 2020 at 10:30am with Brother Dale Patterson officiating. Please wear a mask and practice social distancing.
A special thanks to the nurses of Covenant Care Hospice for their heartfelt care and compassion during this time.

  1. Jeannette Norman says:

    Keitz was humorous, kind, helpful, sensitive, never lacking for words. Most important he loved the Lord and taught many young people the importance of having Christ in their lives. He was instrumental in my children’s lives as a teacher at PJC and EBBC. I thank God for sharing Keith with us.

  2. Rev. Pat Mobley says:

    Mrs. Haburay was my teacher in 2nd Grade at Pine Meadow elementary school. Steve and I used to sing and play guitars while in the East Brent Youth Choir. Mr. Keitz was a guide, teacher, and friend through my teen years. He was a unique, caring man; he and his family were a positive influence in my life.

  3. Jean Dunn says:

    Keitz Haburay was a man with a plan – all you had to do was put Keitz in charge of anything at East Brent and you could rest that it would be done right – now, saying that, you would have many meetings, many calls! Keitz was my friend and I loved him so much!

  4. Geoff Fox says:

    Keitz was and is a very special friend in Christ. He helped me grow in the Lord. He is a very special person that I look forward to seeing again. Thank you Betty for looking after him. I love both of you.

  5. JoAnne &Bill Oberto says:

    Keitz was a fine man, he and Ethel were a lovely couple. They were not only friends but a blessing to our family. Now he is with his beloved Ethel. We loved them so much.

  6. Andrew Kelly says:

    There are only two people, outside of family, that had a truly profound impact on my life, and Dr. Haburay was one of them. He was my first biology teacher at Pensacola Junior College and the reason I pursued my degree in marine biology.

    I still vividly remember him standing on top of his desk, pointing at his sweat stained armpits and excitedly explaining ATP to us. The first time I ever answered a question he asked during class, I was wrong and he yelled out for all to hear that I was wrong. He did NOT belittle me or embarrass me, but he praised me in front of the class because I took a chance on a question that he knew I didn’t know. This was the beginning of my realization that I don’t know everything and my journey to find the answers to things I don’t know.

    Dr. Haburay encouraged me to apply to US EPA lab on Pensacola Beach as a biological aide. I got the job and this is where I met the next person who had, and still has, a profound influence on my life. That’s another story.

    I cannot express my gratitude enough for what Dr. Haburay did for me. Thank you Dr. Haburay. God bless you.

  7. Lori Meadows Vrcan says:

    Mr. Haburay and his family were my family’s neighbors since 1971, when we moved across the street from them on Keating Road. He took such pride in his yard and it was always so well maintained. He was kind, polite, friendly, and invited my siblings and I to church on several occasions. Years later, when my Dad was sick, he always checked in on him, joking they were “two single guys now and had to watch out for one another” and also visited him in the hospital. When my Dad passed in 2005 and prior to our leaving the house for the last time, when we sold it the following year, Mr. Haburay came over to say goodbye to all of us grown ‘Meadows kids’, telling us he loved us.:) Rest in peace, Mr. Haburay. Please tell your sweet wife, Mrs. Haburay hello for me. God bless.

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