Elizabeth A. Bingham Melvin • July 11, 2020

Elizabeth Ann Wise Melvin gained the strength to leave her family and friends of this world and join her family and friends in heaven this morning, July 11, 2020. As many know her, know her for her strength. Many have often said “How does she go on after all she has been through?” Leaving her family and friends here on God’s Earth was the hardest thing she had to do. She knew she had a greater place to go and a son and daughter that was waiting on her. She fought like a warrior never wanting to give up on the things she loved and cherished, even knowing peace was on the other side of her battle.
As I look up at the moon, I see a single star in the sky as beautiful as a diamond. As if she was saying “Look at me now. I am great.” Her children are in her arms again where she has longed for them to be for so long. Her mother is holding her and kissing her on the forehead and saying “you made it home.”
As the sun began to come up and the birds began to sing, it is the start of a new and glorious day in her new life, as she dances around with the angels in heaven. She gives praise to the Lord and gives him the thanks and glory for all of the blessings he has given her while on this earth. He took her hand and led her to the eternal home he built for her. As they take her body so many thoughts were going through our minds, our hearts are hurting, but we know her soul is free and her pain is over.
She has had many chapters in her life. Many chapters were great, many chapters were hard to get through, her final chapter is the greatest of all, full of rejoicing, Peace and Glory.
As we sit in a silent house I hear her saying “I am good now. I am the best I have ever been.”
She loves us all.
A private family visitation will take place Wednesday, July 15th at Pensacola Memorial Gardens Funeral Home. The public is welcome for funeral services at 2:00pm Wednesday, July 15th at Pensacola Memorial Gardens Funeral Home.

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