Douglas Paul Flythe • July 13, 2019

Douglas Paul Flythe passed away peacefully at his home on Saturday, July 13, 2019. Doug was
born to Courtney and Laura Flythe on February 8, 1952 in Pensacola, FL. He is survived by his
sister, Maxine Flythe (Scott); by his cousins, Mike Arenson (Jan), Ron Arenson (Ellen), and
Maxine Booth (Bill); by his Nut Squad family; and by a host of good friends. We will miss him,
his infectious laugh, his scary quick wit, his endless stories, and, most of all, just knowing he
was always there for us.
Doug grew up in the Warrington area of Pensacola, Florida. He attended the local public
schools, graduating from Escambia High School with the class of ’70, and earning a degree in
Systems Science from the University of West Florida. After a brief stint teaching math at
Pensacola and Woodham High Schools, he made his career as a software engineer for UWF,
then for Digital Equipment Corp. and later other companies in Colorado Springs and Atlanta for
the next forty years.
Doug’s enthusiastic love of life included attending live music concerts, scuba diving Caribbean
coral reefs, and camping in his VW bus. He was an avid reader and often shared his latest
interest with his friends. It wasn’t unusual for one of us to open the mail box and find he had
sent a book on physics or satire, or maybe a Hunter Thompson novel. He knew the lyrics to
almost any song worth listening to, and could recite hundreds of quotes from Thompson, JRR
Tolkien, Dave Barry, and dozens of other authors you’ve probably never heard of. He swam like
a fish from an early age, and if he was a bit slower in recent years, he could still hold his breath
underwater longer than any of us.
Doug was one of the five founders of the Nut Squad, originally an eclectic mix of high school
friends that has grown through the years into a multi-generational family. Abhorring authority,
the Nut Squad never had any formal organization or leadership, but Doug was its heart and
spirit, the wizard who could, and often did, start a party just by showing up at your front door.
All of us who knew and loved Doug have lost our brother, but he still lives on in each of us. We
all have our favorite ‘Doug’ stories. Sometimes the versions don’t quite agree on the details,
and some have become larger and more colorful over the years, but that doesn’t matter. We’ll
tell and re-tell them again, and if, to paraphrase something from one of his favorite books, they
grow in the telling, that’s all right: Doug would understand.
We will hold a celebration of Doug’s life at a future date in lieu of funeral services.
Sleep in peace, our brother and our friend.

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