David Stidham • September 16, 2019

On September 16th, 2019, our world stopped. David Leon Stidham passed away and left behind, his wife, Rhonda Stidham, his daughter, Brandy Reed, his son, Cody Stidham, granddaughter, Lennon, daughter-in-law, Brittany, and many family members, and friends. David has so many people, that love him dearly, he touched the hearts of everyone he met, and David never met a stranger. So join us at Pensacola Memorial Gardens on September 28th, not to mourn the death of, but to celebrate the life of David Stidham. Services begin at 12pm.

  1. Annise Sees (Mom) Robbin (best friends) says:

    Rest In Peace David ,Pa and I loved you like you were our son . You were always there for us to lend a helping hand. Every time we got to gather for a meal you made me feel special with your complaints on my cooking and wanted to know how to make that dish. It will never be the same without you . You will be missed but I’ll set you a place at the table ,you will always be with pa and I in our hearts. We love you see you again one day ♥️

  2. Rhonda Stidham says:

    September 16th truly changed my life forever 💔 Nothing will ever be the same without you I’m so lost and confused I love you Baby and I know you tried so hard to Fight but as bad as it hurt us we had to let go 💔 I will never stop loving you

  3. Brandy Reed says:

    We are lost without you. I keep waiting for you to come in the front door. I replay our last conversation, it is killing me inside. I can not believe this, I still see, and hear you. Your girls are lost, we need you dad. This is not fair, things are not right. Are hearts will never heal. I love you, thank you for raising me. Thank you for being my father.

  4. Patricia Adams says:

    This world on Sept 16th lost a good upright man. David was a man of many talents, not only looking like Alan Jackson when he was younger , but played the guitar by ear and had a good singing voice. David raised two children leaving them with great work ethics, loving hearts, family values and moral standards.Cody blessed his daddy with a precious granddaughter Lennon. She captured Davids heart. David loved having this angel in his life. David loved his wife of 30 yrs. They meet when they both were young. Had their share of problems but learned how to be an overcomer of their differences and pull together to make their marriage work. David never met a stranger . He cared for all that he met, always trying to help or lend a helping hand. David became a good personal friend to his Father-in-law Robbin. David became another son to his inlaws Annise and Robbin. They loved him as their own son.This family will always keep his memory alive. Heaven is brighter today when David took his final walk through those gates into Heaven. I know my son Jamie met him as he entered in and said ” I have been waiting on you.” Love you David and you are greatly missed and loved…

  5. Rudin family says:

    David was both a family friend & co-worker. His smile was so genuine you immediatly felt at ease. He always made you feel special & that there was no one else was more important.
    He always had time to help & answer any questions, no matter how long it took for others to understand.
    His family are in our thoughts & prayers. He will truely be missed by many.

  6. Brian Quattlebaum says:

    I first had the pleasure of meeting David Stidham in November of 2018. I was a new employee with Dynamic Pain and Wellness as well as being new to Florida. David welcomed me and made me feel at home. He always had a smile on his face and never had a bad word to say about anyone. He will truly be missed, and I feel blessed to have known him.

  7. Alexandra Kelly says:

    Never met a kinder more thoughtful person in my life. Will always miss your sweet smile and kind words when I was feeling frustrated. DYNAMIC, and this world, will never be the same. You were too good for this world, David. Too good. Miss ya buddy.

  8. Laura Hoffman says:

    For the short time I was with David he was my mentor, friend and confident. He became family. He was kind, thoughtful and had the biggest heart that was full of love. He is surely missed.



  10. Melanie Glassford says:

    Regrettably, I never met David in person, but he and I worked together on a project here at DYNAMIC. Since we worked at different locations, we relied on Skype to collaborate. I quickly learned why he was so loved by everyone… quick-witted, kind, and thoughtful, his warm and welcoming energy could brighten anyone’s bad day. I am sad that I won’t be able to celebrate this wonderful man at the service, but I will be thinking of him and his family during this heartbreaking time.

  11. Jessica Presley says:

    I always loved being around David. He was such a sweet man. He was always willing to help you out and go above and beyond to get things done. I will surely miss him here at DYNAMIC. May you rest in peace David!

  12. Danish Ali says:

    David was someone who never said “no.” He was a person who put others before him. He never complained and regardless of the pain he was in. I remember just a few weeks ago, I had asked him to help install a TV on the wall. After spending all day working, he clocked out and helped put the TV on until 7pm. Most of the pictures & layout of our patient room was done by David. Not only did he do a great job in the clinic, he was a great cook, I still have the Beef Jerky he made me. He will forever be remembered.

  13. Lizzie Wilson says:

    I consider myself very fortunate to have known David, even though I never worked in the same office with him. My first encounter with him was over the phone. He worked for Dr. Elder’s office and would call to let me know he was sending a referral over, or would check on a referral he sent, or (my personal fave) to tell me he saw our ad that we were hiring which I think was the smartest thing we ever did. Even just hearing his voice over the phone, I knew that he was a special human being. You could just tell he truly cared about every patient. He wanted to make sure that he was seeing every referral all the way through, giving all of these patients the care that they deserve: the absolute best. I would see his number pop up on the phone and immediately smile because I knew that he was going to make me laugh out loud in some way and make my whole day better. No matter how busy he sounded, he always took the time to ask how I was doing, and not just because it’s a “polite” thing to ask, but because he really cared about my answer. He did that though, he touched the lives of every single person he encountered. Made them feel like they truly mattered. I think that is something we can all learn from David. And while I know that we lost a very special man too soon, I have peace knowing that we are all better people because of him.

  14. Rhea L Reece says:

    I will miss all of David’s funny jokes. He always had one as soon as he walked in the door. He was kind and so compassionate to all of our patients. They loved David! Rest In Peace my friend.

  15. Sarah Bailey says:

    Seeing David’s picture at the top of this page made me smile. He was such a wonderful soul. Always with a smile on his face and genuine care in his heart, the world needs more Davids. We should all smile a little more and be a little kinder to carry on who he was to this world.

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