Honor Your Loved One In Our Veteran's Garden

At Pensacola Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home, not only the Veteran and spouse can be buried in our Veteran Garden, but also the extended family. We feel all members of a Veteran’s family should be able to be close to each other in a serene and beautiful cemetery. At Pensacola Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home , we want to give your family an honorable and dignified experience. We provide our families with the convenience of having a Funeral Home and Veteran’s Garden in one place, where you can visit your loved one with no restrictions or passes required.  If you choose our private cemetery, we will provide you with the information and help to acquire the benefits you are entitled to though the Veteran Administration, which may include presidential memorial certificates, burial flag, bronze medallion, a bronze marker, and burial allowance.  At Pensacola Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home, we will insure your loved one receives the Military Honors entitled to him or her, the same as they would receive at the National Cemetery.


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