About Us

Pensacola Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home, a family-owned business, was founded by Harry and Mildred Sutton in 1954. Their vision was to provide the Pensacola community with a picturesque and peaceful final resting place for families in the community for years to come.

Their daughter, Weejee Miller, assumed ownership and operations in 1990 and inspired a selfless philosophy with genuine care and concern for the families we serve. She passed away in 2012, but that belief system continues to govern how we prioritize our daily decisions today.

Weejee Miller’s children have assumed ownership and continue to reinvest in the property. We are now developing six additional acres with four gardens that will offer upright markers for traditional burials, a columbarium selection for cremains and open air mausoleums.

As a family-owned business, we make the right long term choices that represent the best interest of the families we serve, community partners we employ and the Pensacola area we invest in.